Company Overview

We Wisconsin Democrats are guided by a fundamental belief that when we all do better, we all do better. When every Wisconsinite, no matter their zip code, has a fair shot at getting ahead, we grow as a community and an economy.

We believe in a Wisconsin where…

  • Labor rights are respected and small businesses & entrepreneurs can thrive
  • Every student has access to a quality public education
  • Every Wisconsinite has quality, affordable health care
  • Every community has clean air, soil and drinking water
  • Every person feels safe and welcomed in the community they call home no matter their race, ethnicity, faith, legal status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

To do this, we use the principles of FIRE:
Fight on our issues year-round
Include and
Respect everyone, from communities of color to rural, urban and suburban Wisconsin
Empower the grassroots with better data, tech and training.

And that’s just what we’re doing. With Gov. Evers leading our state and Sen. Tammy Baldwin representing us in Washington, we’re building a brighter future for all Wisconsinites.

Company Summary
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