Company Overview

A Young Company with a Rich Heritage

We were created in 1999 when Japan Tobacco Inc purchased the non-US operations of R.J. Reynolds (RJRI) – yet we have roots in many of the most famous tobacco companies around the world, with a global heritage that can be traced back to the late 16th century

We think this makes us unique. We’re a forward-looking business but we also appreciate and are aware of our place in history. Our lineage encompasses Austria Tabak, founded by Emperor Joseph II in 1784, and Gallaher, which began life in Londonderry, Ireland in 1857. These are just two of the notable tobacco companies whose legacy we’re proud custodians of.

Our Six Core Principles

We believe in the freedom of adults to choose
As much as we value and believe in freedom of choice for adults, we also recognize the importance of making informed decisions. We know we must play our part in ensuring all consumers of tobacco products understand the associated risks when making the decision to smoke, vape, or not.

  1. Openness about the risks of smoking
    Smoking is a cause of serious disease including lung cancer, coronary heart disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. JTI supports efforts to advise smokers accordingly. Everyone should be appropriately informed about the health risks of smoking.

  2. Transparency about our products
    Smokers want to know what it is they are smoking. JTI provides information about the ingredients it uses in its products on this website.

  3. Reduced-Risk Products
    We believe products that do not involve combustion and do not produce tobacco smoke are products with the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking. We are committed to developing and bringing to market Reduced-Risk Products that meet consumer expectations.

  4. Youth smoking prevention
    Minors should not smoke and should not have access to tobacco products. This belief is central to JTI’s Code of Conduct and marketing practices, operational policies and the way JTI does business. JTI is committed to playing a full role in youth smoking prevention, but ultimate success depends on all elements of society working together.

  5. Accommodation between smokers and non-smokers
    All smokers should show consideration for those around them, and should not smoke when children are present. JTI advocates tailored, practical and effective solutions that separate smokers and non-smokers while accommodating the legitimate interests of both.

  6. Respects for local norms and cultures
    JTI is respectful of each country’s culture, norms, legislation and decision-making process. However, JTI has a right – and an obligation – to express its point of view regarding regulation that affects its products and the tobacco industry. JTI actively seeks open and transparent dialogue with governmental authorities around the world, and where possible, offers alternative solutions if issue is taken with a government’s proposed course of action.

The Freedom to Be Yourself

At JTI, we believe in freedom – the freedom to choose, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom to be yourself. We are proud to be a genuinely international company, made up of 44,000 people from over 110 different nationalities. But more than that, we want to be an organization where our people can be themselves, every day.

JTI is a company where people are the difference, so embracing our uniqueness ensures that we continue to boost both our culture and our innovation. It’s the right thing to do – and it makes us stronger as a business.

Investing in People
Our diverse workforce is one of our greatest strengths. We believe that highly skilled and talented people form the foundation of our success and contribute to real, sustainable growth. To make the most of our people, we must respect not just nationality, gender and age, but also their experience, expertise and other differences in backgrounds and values. We empower all of our employees to build a more diverse workforce and demonstrate inclusive leadership.

Life at JTI

We offer a vibrant workplace culture, talent development programs, and we are dedicated to employee success.

  • We act today with tomorrow in mind
  • We offer personal progression on a global scale
  • We work as one team
Company Summary
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