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Katmai is a dynamic organization with career opportunities in many areas of our operations.

At Katmai, we rely heavily on our people. People in a diverse array of professions that allow us to take on projects that are as complex as they are geographically distant. The key to our every success at Katmai begins here.

Note: Resumes and employment applications will be accepted only when there are open positions posted for which applicants are sought. Katmai application required with resume at the time of submittal.

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About Katmai

Katmai Government Services (KGS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ouzinkie Native Corporation (ONC). ONC is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) formed under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).

Ouzinkie Native Corporation is headquartered in Ouzinkie, Alaska on Spruce Island, which is near Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska.

KGS was created by ONC to hold and manage its interests in companies and joint ventures which contract with the US Federal Government. KGS is charged with producing profits to its shareholder, ONC, through the acquisition and successful management of US Federal contracts.

While the mission of KGS is to produce profits for it's sole shareholder, Ouzinkie Native Corporation, as an ANC Ouzinkie has specific obligations to its 410 shareholders. Under the terms of ANCSA, shareholders cannot sell or trade their shares of ONC. Most often, shares are passed from parents to childern or other descendants.

Profits earned by KGS are distributed to ONC, which are then used to the benefit of the shareholders and the village community. In addition to providing dividends, the revenue earned by KGS allows ONC to provide job opportunities, scholarships and funding for various social and cultural programs which benefit ONC shareholders.

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