Company Overview

Streamlined Solutions That Let You Focus on Delivering the Best Care
We are your all-in-one source for simplifying care delivery. We put our people, products and expertise to work, to help you optimize efficiencies and effectiveness. Our work empowers you to focus on your patients’ needs, because that’s what you need everywhere you deliver care.

Our Values

Empowering care means creating results that greatly improve the lives of patients and their caregivers. Enabling the best care everywhere, Joerns provides solutions that put people first. We’re uniquely positioned with an agile service platform to remain in a position to tailor solutions specifically to your facilities, your needs and the needs of your patients.

We provide the power to simplify care so you can put your best into everything you do. Team Purple has always embraced the “Customers First” philosophy.

Our “Purple Shirts”

Empowering care means being on hand and hands-on when it comes to delivering best-in-class service. That is where our Purple Shirt team steps in. The Purple Shirt is a powerful piece of our tradition and culture. It’s bigger than a uniform; it’s the embodiment of commitment and expertise. Seeing a Purple Shirt in action means your needs are being met.

Simplifying the process truly seems simple when an expert is walking you through it. Our highly trained Purple Shirt team members of Clinical Educators and Equipment Service Technicians are dedicated to ensuring flawless equipment performance and truly exceptional service.

Company Summary
Joerns Healthcare
Number of Employees
(800) 826-0270
2430 Whitehall Park Drive
Charlotte, NC